School Head’s Message

School Head’s Message

Euro School is a work of art; a stunning mosaic created over years of perseverance, thoughtful processes and collective efforts. Each student, parent, employee, and supporter adds to the artwork. The tiles placed in year one have grown in size, shape, and majesty with each passing year. Our individual contributions become part of something larger and the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. This continuous accumulation generates a shared sense of accomplishment, a characteristic spirit that inspires and lifts us to an ever higher sense of purpose.

Students come here with every part of themselves: with their curiosity, creativity, trepidations, and their dreams. They immerse themselves in authentic learning
experiences that span a wide array of academic studies, as well as executive functioning, socialization and personal wellness. They experience a place where they can feel safe, validated, and grow comfortable in their own skin. They are guaranteed to be challenged, put in uncomfortable situations, in order that they
safely expand their comfort zones and discover their capacity. They are supported by a faculty committed to standing by their side and not in their way. They practice personal expression through the arts, in music, in writing, in exploration, in literature, in calculation, and in culture.

The students experience schooling as something compassionate and humane. Through the accomplishments of their work, by way of the challenges that were overcome, and in partnership with the relationships they form with each other, they make their journey of education joyful and secure their future.

Each student is valued, seen, and heard. In turn each leaves a lasting and indelible impact on the school. And our mosaic grows more glorious – forever.

Dr. Namrata Sakhrani
School Head