The Events and Activities in Euro School are all performed with great zeal, gusto and cooperation which foster a feeling and bond of togetherness and well-being.

All the children, Teachers and even the Principal are involved in the ‘happenings’ of the events and activities of the school – they are engaged to make it happen successfully! Everyone enjoys, as everyone shares the fun and frolic of the activities that are eagerly devised by the children and guided by the teachers.

However, we are happy that there is a lot more where that came from, since fun and learning in school never ends. Do go through the events-list to catch a glimpse of the treasures of enjoyment lined up for your children in the days to come.

You shall also be invited to witness some of these events and activities when the time comes. So, let’s smile knowing that our children are advancing on the voyage of ‘learning is fun,’ ‘hands-on activities’ and are also led into an exciting world of the smart-classes.

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